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ella sams.
IG @the.color.ella

Ella Sams is a multimedia and social practice creator raised in Athens and Clayton, GA, currently working from her studio space in Long Creek, SC. She has 14 years of experience in painted and illustrated portraits, map-making, and large scale exterior work, which have made their way to over 10 states and 3 countries. She received a BA in Studio Art and Educational Studies from Davidson College (2020), where she went on to teach art to boys aged 10-15 at an outdoor therapeutic boarding school in South Carolina for 3 years. After attending 2 artist residencies, "Azule" in Hot Springs, NC and "Creekside Arts" in Freshwater, CA, she now sells her work full time and creates bodies of work focused on rural land and community around her. She views attention to detail as an act of care similar to the way we should care for others, and she brings this into her community work through direct community involvement in site-based art-making. 


2023 | Humboldt Bay. Collaboration exhibition with Jon Fischer. The Sanctuary, Arcata, CA.

2023 | Negative Space. Open studio show. Creekside Arts, Freshwater, CA.

2022 | Rural Hurt. Solo exhibition. Hendershots, Athens, GA.

2020 | In Spite. Solo exhibition. Van Every Gallery, Davidson, NC.

2019 | Secondary Succession. Juried exhibition. Van Every Gallery, Davidson, NC.

2018 | Not Your Fault. Group exhibition. Villa Degli Artisti, Florence, Italy.


2019 | Azule. Hot Springs, NC.

2023 | Creekside Arts. Eureka, CA.



2010-present | Freelance Artist

2023 | Creek to Creek Community Engagement Polaroid Project. Long Creek, SC & Creekside Arts, CA.

 July 2020- May 2023 | Art teacher. Cherokee Creek Boys School.

Dec. 2020- April 2023 | Photographer. Cherokee Creek Boys School.

2021-2023 | Horsemanship Therapy Coordinator. Cherokee Creek Boys School.

Dec. 2022 | Volunteer Visual Storyteller. Foxfire Museum of Appalachian History. Clayton, GA.

2019-2020 | Immersive Curriculum Designer, Community Outreach Coordinator. Ada Jenkins Resource Center.

2019-2020 | Direct Field Placement- ceramics, woodworking. Community School of Davidson.

2020 | Volunteer to artist Patrick Dougherty on the installation "Common Ground". Davidson, NC.



2023 | To Be Perfectly Frank (column illustration). Covey Rise Magazine. 

June 2023 | Art Attitude (interview) with Wendy Butlet and Rick Gradone. Humboldt Hot Air Radio Station. 


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